The crickets are singing their lament and longing
the moon is waiting less and less
the sun is fearful of overstaying its welcome
and the night is growing older
smells and wonder recollections and pauses
are these not eternity’s glimpses
Andrew Gentry

the reality of the body politic

Years ago when the hypocrites that controlled the House, much like the ones today, that is the Republicans, decided to impeach Bill Clinton for getting what would become the most expensive blow job in American political history a French newspaper wrote an editorial essentially saying American politicians are in fact hypocrites and hypocrites on many levels. After all the then Speaker of the House was an adulterer who delivered his divorce papers to his soon to be ex-wife on her death bed and one of the next leaders of their majority would be proven to be a pedophile! The paper went on to observe that Bill Clinton would have been impeached in France if he had NOT had an affair.
The point is we do not or should not look to our leaders as moral guides in the arena of politics. Jimmy Carter by all reports was as close as we come to a "moral" president and he was regularly and relentlessly made the brunt of jokes and skits for being so and even criticised for not "working with the political realities"
Bernie Sanders did not become a Senator by being a volunteer at Hebrew School. He had to deal with the political realities of his state in order to be elected. He was no "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" because he would not have been elected!
To all of you Bernie Supporters, and for the record I voted for him in the primary, who think you can walk out of the process and embarrass Hilary Clinton and create change you are fool. If Donnie and his bunch get the White House the America he and they will create will not allow you to ever walk out again. The America he and they will create will hunt you down like a dog and show zero support for free speech. You doubt that well in N C his party has ALREADY passed a law that makes it illegal to film a police officer and illegal to report environmental violations and or impact!!!
So make an ass of yourselves and accomplish nothing or hold to your ideals and run for office or volunteer as voter registers or river watchers or whatever helps the body politic!

this is caring

Mission Health in Asheville at least in the Neurology Department begins every recorded conversation, because it is rarely you actually are able to talk to a human being, with a pledge to make your experience an “exceptional” one. Well mine has not been one. Earlier this week when I was in exceptionally severe pain and called the “nurse triage” line I asked her to communicate to my neurosurgeon how severe the pain was and to inquire as to whether there was a mouthwash that might alleviate the pain and if the doctor could increase the medication. I received a response through the patient portal which I had informed the triage nurse was the method of communication I had used. It was from the doctor who was on duty. It was a sloppy reply with no specificity as to medications or potential interactions with a new one he recommended or a prescription for said prescription! When I called to register my review of the email as well as the one the triage nurse had sent, a representative that used the fast talking method of neutralising the complainant, which did not work on me, ultimately promised a response from the head of Neurology, a response as of this date I have not received.

Three gods

Isn’t it interesting than when black males are murdered on video by police or when 49 people die in a night club the Republican god sheds nary a tear or demands any justice for the innocent who died in fact some of this god’s preachers and teachers and scholars of the law demand that he order the lives of even more taken and some even asking for fire and brimstone. The god of Daesh ask for death of these people as well so this god and theirs have much in common though their followers would never admit it. Now the goddess of the middle the one that will not say nah or yeah will of course have none of that and she demands instead everlasting dialogue. But the God who would lay down his life for the sake of Love cast away both, for this God knows that Love without Justice and Righteousness without Mercy is nothing more than hype and hyperbole!

self check out

After working what in America is called “self check out” where all you have to do is scan your items you want to buy and select the method of payment I have decided that men and women approach the computer registers in entirely two different ways. Men if they are over 49 stare at the machine and are trying to decide to either fight it or have intercourse with it. Women approach it like it is their best new friend as soon as they can learn to talk to it!


As a world or planet if you prefer we decide whose lives have value. We decide who is innocently killed and who is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We decide who to mourn and who to ignore. We decide which children can starve to death and which we are going save. We are perfectly ok with fat cats who run prisons, the new plantations, for profit instead of the state doing its job to help people avoid incarceration. We believe it is ok to allow people to die who do not have money for heath care. We accept that Native People are a living anarchism and what is sacred to them is irrelevant to corporations. We watch daily as families are literally torn apart because of immigration bias and we do nothing. We accept that women are paid less and that veterans are denied benefits while the senators that voted against equality and living wage increases vote themselves a raise. We watch daily as police kill people of colour and remain silent and do not demand accountability but rise up when a police officer is killed. We find it ok to ignore the Bill of Rights but rage when someone suggest assault rife regulation. We think that people who love their own gender are expendable. So why do you wonder why we are always in a storm and never in the rainbow.

call for rebuke

Call for rebuke: In light of the shooting in Orlando and the disgusting comments by the Lt Governor of Texas and the comments by a Republican Senator, David Perdue, who prayed for the death of the President it is high time that the the bishops of the Church be they Methodists, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or whatever faith community that holds the office of bishop as leaders, and denominations that have moderators and elders and presidents, to say without apology to these politicians and those who support them, “We rebuke you and all those who follow you in the Name of Jesus the Christ, for preaching hate and violence towards gay people and for perverting the Scriptures of the Old Testament and making a mockery of the Gospel”! So please if any of you know anyone who knows these people or may know people who do know these people present this to them and do so very publicly! No wishy washy kinda sorta response but demand they rebuke them publicly in the press and to their faces!

A point is being made


Did you know the idea of remembering the war dead is a relatively new idea, historically speaking, and in fact following the Battle of Waterloo local farmers were upset because the British wanted to claim the bodies of dead soldiers. The farmers usually simply ploughed the bodies under the soil to act as fertiliser! Hence one of the origins of the term “canon fodder”. The overwhelming majority of soldiers were from the poor classes and were considered “expendable” and not worthy of graves or remembrance. Even as late as the first World War European generals had no qualms to send thousands of young men to certain death against entrenched machine guns because after all these men were “dead common” but such wanton disregard for life would result in major changes in the social structure and the end of an all powerful aristocracy.

what is in a hat

OK for all those folkes having hissy fits about the Home Depot employee wearing a hat that said “America was never great” and especially for the dear lady whose son is serving in the military who almost went into cardiac shock when she saw the photo: Unless this person can exercise her First Amendment right to free expression and do so without being having her life threatened and or her job threatened or being vilified then your son is serving for nothing and if God forbid, he was killed whilst serving, his sacrifice would be in vain!

We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights precisely because our Founding Fathers new only too well what would happen if you criticised the king or the prince or whatever potentate ruled over you or if you opposed your country’s wars or if you wanted to practice a religion other than the one the king or queen or prince did and they damn well was not going to allow that to happen in this country! You can fiercely and passionately disagree with this person and her sentiments but you cannot under our laws, Constitution or Bill of Rights punish her for having them. What makes a country great is to be big enough to allow and respect criticisms otherwise your country is a joke and a cruel one!