who and what we are

All Saints and Sorts came about as a result of many conversations at World Coffee out front around a table in downtown Asheville. This over the course of almost three years. For me personally I have always felt that listening is a calling even a “priestly” one perhaps particularly a priestly one and as I walked to take coffee and to share fellowship with anyone whom I was blessed to meet I prayed and do pray that Holy Three in One would sit with us at table along with the Holy Mother and all the Saints and Angels and there would be listening done. From these encounters the Holy Spirit brought us together as a small faith community, a community that shunned and shuns the “church” and religiosity, exclusion of people, the club like atmosphere of many a congregation and the pretentiousness of many clergy who shunned us or was and is ignorant of us.

We have no budget and I make no salary. If there is a need we contribute to that person as we are able . Any decision about anything is done by general discussion and everyone who calls All Saints and Sorts hope and home is a steward and a member of the parish council of stewards. We trust in the Holy Spirit to direct us as to growth and outreach and we are never ceased to be amazed at the opportunities that are provided and people sent to touch us and hopefully for us to touch them as co-heirs with Christ.
Our vision is to be a wee bit of leaven in the loaf of life downtown and for all those who feel that “Church” is a place of hurt and rejection rather than being the welcoming sanctuary in the storms of life and in its calmness as well.
We are a Sacramental Church and we hope that if the Lord wills we can see more “table ministry” develop.
I am at present the presbyter bishop in the New Testament Tradition having been duly elected by All Saints and Sorts. As and when God wills I will “have my head squeezed” by the proper folke and ordained a bishop presbyter in Anglo-Catholic Tradition. We were formally linked to an British group but they seemed more concerned with titles and fancy dress and playing church. All of us having experienced the silliness of the institution did not want to go there so we declared our “independence” and claimed an ecumenical Anglo-Catholic identity in a “Free Church” as the Brits call it, tradition.
We are working with Intuit web developers and should have our site up and running hopefully by next week. If you would like to contact me you can at padre_oso@hotmail.com Our Eucharist are every other Wednesday out front of the coffee shop around noon. We use a table liturgy which you can view on my blob page here. There is no dress code to say the least, smokers hookers and all God’s children are most welcome, and even Republicans too!
Bishop Andrew Gentry

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