Cherokee wisdom

Beloved Friends,

A Cherokee Elder was teaching his grandson wisdom. He told him “my son inside all human beings there lives two wolves. One is evil and it is fed by envy, greed, cruelty, and every bad thing, and the other is Good which is fed by love and caring and by putting others and their needs first. These two wolves are engaged in a fierce battle within us”. The Elder’s grandson pondered what his grandfather had said, and finally after a long pause he looked at the face of his grandfather, which contained a portrait of the wisdom of the ages in the chiseled wrinkles that time and experience had etched there and said. “Grandfather, who wins?” and the grandfather responded “the one we feed the most”!

If we live on a MacDonald’s diet we have a MacDonald’s body if we feed our soul with the fast food of our culture our souls like our bodies will exhibit all the problems and disease that contrived and false values bring to our reality and to others as well. There is no silver bullet no magic pill no guaranteed programme of success that can be bought or manipulated. Wisdom comes not from a jar nor is it mass produced. Wisdom comes from living honestly and simply and embracing the pain and the joy of life. It is nourished and nurtured by Love given and received. It is in the Bread and Wine of the Spirit that nourishment is given to substance and it is the Word that points the way to the Table.

Which wolf are you feeding and how often?


Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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