Convict leasing

Did you see the PBS documentary on “Convict leasing” that was rampant following the end of Reconstruction? How little has changed except the prison garb! The population to be “leased” has been expanded now to include “seasonal workers” and the corporations are a little “kinder and gentler” in that they no longer employ the whip literally at least. It is this system of slavery by any other name that the likes of Santorum and Gingrich along with Ron Paul and Romney love and worship but they too have learned that if you dress up evil in a business suit it is more likely to deceive and control the masses!

Have you not noticed how more and more state legislatures controlled by these social engineering businessmen and some women called Tea Party Secessionists Racists Republicans want all the state prisons and even the Federal ones “privatized”! Some even point to the old style “chain gangs” as a cost saving and capitol building enterprise just like the Convict brutality of post Reconstruction!

Did you not hear of the thousands of emails that Fox News no surprise there received on Whitney Houston’s death saying the N got what she deserved and who cared!

Did you not hear the cheer of “let him die” from the Republican audience when asked about a person loosing his insurance who suffered from a terminal disease!

Did you not hear the booing of an honourable soldier by the Republican crowds!

Did you not hear the call for the abolition of child labor laws and the support of companies operating sweat shops from the frontrunners of the Republican Party!

He or she that hath an ear let him or her hear!

Why is the larger Church Silent? WHY?

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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