“NO” can be a good word

Beloved Friends,

On the CBS Morning News there was a story about and an interview with a reporter who produced a documentary on underage drinking in the D C area. The story was not about the documentary so much as the hateful and even violent response to the reporter for doing the documentary. The kicker is much of the hate language and threats of violence came from PARENTS! The reporter’s home address was published on the web and her children and husband threatened as well. When she was asked why this response, her answer was very and tragically insightful. As for the teens who were drinking it was, she said, becuase they have never been told NO by their parents. As for the parents it was that they decided to be their kids “friends” instead of their parents. Many of the teens as well as the parents had the attitude that they were “entitled” to drink illegally!

So you wonder why in a culture where the ego is deified, where no is not said either at home or at school, and where young people are not taught accountability becuase the parents and the companies they work for are not held unaccountably for their wrong doing, and where public officials, religious leaders and denominations, spots figures and other overpaid celebrities are never wrong just mistaken this would be the response!

American culture grows ever more dumb and sheep like along with the over fed and under read consumers who would make slopping the hogs look genteel!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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