Why I,that is yours truly,loves Downton Abbey

Beloved Friends,

An article in National Catholic Reporter examined the reasons Americans love this drama so much and I added my two cents to the pot.

The only difference between the British monarchy and aristocracy and the American version is one is inherited by birth and the other bought with much money which allows the monarch to be elected!
Downton Abbey has so many wonderful and seemingly contradictory themes played out by complex characters that it is indeed a finely woven linen of life in all those contradictions and complexities. It speaks of honour and duty something we have precious little of either in church or state and it speaks of the failings of those assumed to have it!
Thank God for Masterpiece for we apparently are incapable of producing either anything masterfully or tastefully done and certainly nothing that requires intellect or reasoning. American media appeals to the lowest common denominator hidden behind our “dressing gowns” and the rationale that determines worth on this side of the Pond which is profit.
This is, as it has rightly been said, fiction not an historical documentary and should be taken as such yet there are reasons why it is so universally popular with very divergent groups and ideologies. I think for American audiences that see daily the spectacle of a presidential campaign ran like a “jerry springer show”, relentless and silly so called “reality shows”, television programming that appeals to the most base and unintelligent passions, it is a refreshing change to see what true drama and story telling is really all about!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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