I am not gay

Seems that a day does not go by where there is not a “gay” related story. If you are politically correct sort of person you have to be certain to have the L to come before the G and just to cover everyone you have to include the Q and I forget the latest letter to be attached to the “logo”. Funny thing about stereotypes is that they are exactly that. But they sale and sale well. Everyone raves about the ABC sitcom “Modern Family” yet all it does is perpetuate the stereotype of the effeminate queen. Both of the characters who supposedly represent the gay male couple are precisely that with the physically stronger of the two being even more stereotypical than the character who is a lawyer. In case you have not noticed even all the friends of this couple are silly ostentatious effeminate queens. Makes for a good drag show but not certain how much it advances the cause of justice let alone acceptance. In fact it is perfectly OK to perpetuate this stereotype but what would happen if the couple were Black or Latino and their roles reflected the racist attitudes of many many Americans, it would not last even two weeks! But perhaps I am not the person to address this question since according to the Politically Correct self appointed politicos I am not gay!

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