What Republicans are really saying

When Sanctimonious Santorum and the other little fuhrers talk about “freedom and liberty” what they mean and what they actually believe is that freedom has nothing to do whatsoever with the Bill of Rights rather they believe that the American Revolution and the Republic which it produced was and is about the “freedom” to be wealthy. In their eyes liberty means that the wealthy cannot have any government interference so much in fact that for them the notion of minimum wage, environmental protection, anti discrimination laws, and social security and or medicare is “unconstitutional” becuase they believe that document is essentially an economic one and one that insures the wealthy and wealth are protected. They also believe in the “Divine right of Wealth” and they use a very heretical and perverted notion of the Scriptures to underscore that lie. They do believe in slavery and the subjugation of women. All their talk about freedom is nothing more than the opportunity to exploit people and creation itself!

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