unending civil war

The united states has had a civil war since before the founding of a nation called the United States. It began when some rich people decided that the Crown had no right to take a cut of their profits and so they rallied some folkes with high sounding rhetoric to revolt and revolt they did. There were speeches about freedom and liberty. People talked about equality and reason. The poor man, and sometimes woman, white black or red who stood in the Continental Battle Line heard stirring speeches about a new kind of government for and by the People not the aristocracy and they were inspired with a hope they had never had before. Unbeknownst to them however the rich folke who found in this noble talk a tool so sinister that even now it is as equally as evil. It was simple and is simple, get the poor and the working class to die for you, rally for you, serve you and pay you whilst you manipulate and betray them from cradle to grave. Oh and do so in the name of this “Noble Experiment”. The war between the have nots and have most is still waging and the evil tool is as effective today as it was in 1776. As early as 1789 before the ink was truly dry on the Treaty of Paris the Black Colonials who had served in the Continental Army were denied the vote they were promised and the freedom they had heard about. The Native American land in the Appalachians was up for the highest bidder in Philadelphia and plans for conquest of all the natural resources and land beyond on the 13 states was being forged. Over two hundred years later the new Dread Scott Supreme Court is preparing to once again protect the rich and their profits on the back and bodies of the poor and working class.

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