regardless of colour or creed

The other day I managed to P O some of my British peers no pun intended becuase I took issue with a very P C chap who had decided that Catholicism, Christianity and the West were the sole perpetrators of violence against Moslems and supporters of slavery. I pointed out to this person that there was sufficient guilt to go round on this and many other example of people’s inhumanity to humankind. Hitler who worshiped himself and the German Reich, Stalin who was an atheist who slaughter more people especially Ukrainians that his friend Adolf, Mao who did the same thing in China, the Pol Pot in Cambodia,WW I Turks slaughtering 2 million Armenians and as for violence against Moslems there is the regimes of Syria, Egypt, Iran and Iraqi to mention a few along with the Taliban and that in fact more Moslems have been killed by other Moslems than anything the Western powers have done. As for slavery well in the Sudan you can purchase a person for the sum of 200 dollars American if they are Christian and a little more if they are Moslem. Well that did it and 33 people condemned what I said. I do not retract a word of it. Hate is hate regardless of religion, colour, nationality or any other consideration. At least we haven’t lately burned anyone at the stake for making fun of Jesus or even reviling him nor have we ordered the execution of a cartoonist nor stoned any women so yes there is plenty of guilt, insanity and cruelty to go round!

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