the growth of our Community

Beloved Friends,

Our Face Book group is now 60 members. We are International now with folkes in Germany, Poland, Croatia, UK, Argentina, Peru and Mexico! We have more laity than clergy and a large percentage of our members are women including one of the first Roman Catholic women bishops! These brave and committed women were consecrated in secret to protect the identity of the male Roman Catholic bishops who ordained them. Their identity is still a secret.

We post from the Anglican/Episcopal, Roman, International Revised Common, Celtic when available and Coptic Lectionaries a daily Gospel reading and we also try and post a daily Saints commemoration. We also give a Collect when it is provided.

We have Methodists, Roman Catholic, Old Catholics, Reformed Church, Coptic and folkes from the ECC as valued members of the community of All Saints and Sorts.

Someday it is my hope that we can have the first Convocation of All Saints and Sorts. What a marvelous day that will be.

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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