a response to an “evangelical”

Have you ever wondered why Gay folke are called “faggots” well it is becuase “christians” used men, mostly,convicted of “sodomy” as kindling for the fires that burned heretics! Gay people were used as faggots or fuel in the Name of Jesus Christ! The so-called “ex gay apologist” can rant and rave all he likes but the simple fact is Scripture does not condemn gay folkes for a start and after all, a fact “evangelicals” always conveniently overlook, the Church gave us Scripture not the other way round as ANY historian can tell you. The Canon was NOT even in existence until the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Scripture alone can not be the sole basis of faith. Sola scriptura long ago was found wanting.
But we can argue until the cows come home and or use all the polite language we want but when the leather hits the road it is simple either you believe that where love is there is God as St John teaches in the New Testament or you don’t. In the words of an old Presbyterian saint I was blessed to know who was in her late eighties when asked about this said ” I have lived for almost 90 years and I have seen far more than I ever thought and somethings I wished I had not seen, I have served my Lord Jesus not as I should but as I was able for all my life and I am convinced of this, the Good Lord does not care so much about where you put what or to whom you put it but He does care why you put it there”! Amen
Lastly after seeing a video clip of a street” evangelical” preacher calling Rose O’Donald a pig and listening to the hate spewed out of the right wing “Christian” tea party bigots I would say the “evangelicals” of this world have a lot to answer for in how they have added pain and suffering to those they dare to think to be outside of the Kingdom!


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