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The “Church” has been a whore and a harlot. It has slept with war, racism,wealth,power, oppression, homophobia and sexism just to name a few of its sugar daddies. There is little difference between the corporate office of a multinational conglomerate and the “church office” of the typical mainline downtown church. In and around Asheville we have a number of religious resorts where for enough money you can hear symposiums on everything from “food as the Sacred” to “god Consciousness” but you would never hear the Gospel preached nor would you see any of the clergy of these resorts walking in solidarity with the Occupy folkes.
All my life I have been on the outside of “the Church” and because I chose to follow my calling according to my conscience and according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I understand it I have been called everything from “a wolf in a priest’s cassock” to a “nut case who bought his ordination on line” by the learned clergy who weekly support the prostitution of the faith by their support of the System. I was ordained by a bishop of the Eastern Church and have served as bishop of a small Intentional Eucharist Community that ordained me to the episcopate. As an “outsider” I can tell you that unless the “Church” is faithful to Christ and is open, loving and inclusive it will be a dying anachronism of the 21st century whilst the Community of Faith will prosper. Peace

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