a primer

Here is a little primer. there are two types of people: flat earth folkes and round world folkes. Flat earth people believe that God is a white male American Protestant who loves the US and Israel more than anyone on earth as long as the American or the Israeli is straight male and conservative, that God created the earth as the centre of the universe, that humans were made full grown and in an instant and white, that women are always subject to males, slavery is ok, that if you are wealthy you are a good person and if poor you are a sinner, if you don’t have insurance then you die and god wants that way, that Jesus is a CEO and a football coach and they mean by god American foot ball not that sissy European kind of kicking around, that Black folke are good dancers and athletes, Jews good salesmen, Moslems and every other religion damned to hell,gays should be burned at the stake but not Lesbians since they turn on straight men, and that God will never allow us to blow ourselves up and that he is a Republican! Now everything opposite to this is a Round World Person and Sane!

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