We have never been honest about our history in this country choosing instead to embrace a propaganda largely produced either in Hollywood or on Wall Street that is fundamentally flawed at the very least and absolutely false at the very worst. The rich merchants who were by in large the Founding Fathers saw “democracy” and or “freedom” in a very limited and economic way. Simply put the King had no business interfering in their wealth making and thus the idea of “revolution” was born. The logical question for these now independent entrepreneurs is how can the system we have created serve the wealth we hold and will hold. I can assure you “public education for all” was NOT one of their concerns nor is it now. If we really cared for education for all, economic conditions of the individual and or family would not be a determining factor as to who can and or will have access to education at whatever level. Why do you think the Republican Robber Barons want to limit access to education? It is not to protect the intellectual domain of the American nation from “foreign and dangerous ideologies” even though some of these servants of the god of mammon would argue thus. No it is because they see education for the few and the elite as the logical system in which “free market capitalism” can and will flourish. Despite all their talk to the contrary about “class warfare” they believe in it with a passion if it serves the “bottom line” and as the new aristocratic nobility that is purchased rather than inherited they will see it to that the poor and the working poor are educated only to the extent that makes them profitable worker bees and nothing else. After all an educated population is far less likely to be deceived and far more likely to revolt!


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