Meaningful dialogue

Years ago I tried to engage “conservatives” in a “meaningful dialogue”. I did what the liberals said to do which was to “share my story” and it soon became apparent to me that these folkes did not give a damn about “my story or my pain”! Nor were they interested in a discussion of the interpretation of Scriptural passages let alone Scripture. There is a wonderful Yiddish proverb that my Dad loved to quote to me, and by the way my Dad, God rest him, would have not known Yiddish from Smiddish, that says if you argue with a fool and a stranger passes by the stranger will not know who is the fool! So I no longer argue debate dialogue or share stories with these people. Their Jesus is so small and he is a noun. Ironically they are no different than the “progressive Christianity” folke whose Jesus likewise is small and a noun. In both cases Jesus makes these people very uncomfortable as does his Gospel, so on the one hand the “conservatives” have to control the message and the messenger lest anyone gets the idea that God is Love and on the other hand the “progressive Christianity” scribes have to do the same thing lest any “scholarly and intellectually acute” person would think that Jesus is the Revelation of God Incarnate something they are very uncomfortable with. So be who God made you to be, rejoice in his knitting together who you are like any good Mother would do, dance the dance of Life in his embrace, bid peace to all and take no crap from anyone. Remember Jesus is a verb, Jesus is not some kind of Historical figure of God Consciousness he is God as one of us, Jesus is not static, Jesus Is, and if you see Jesus you see God!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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