Mom’s Day

Sunday is the Feast for Moms, all Moms, every shape, size, colour, gender, and religion uh gender did you say, yes gender. I have known some men who were pretty darn good at nurturing and gentleness and like Moms everywhere intuitively knew stuff that only Moms can know! But Sunday is mostly women Moms. You know Catholics especially Catholics call Mary, Mother, and the Church even went so far as to call her Theotokos which very precisely translated is “the one who gives birth to the One who is God” you can’t get any higher a title than that! but I am sure Jesus just called her Mom. As we grow and mature we learn that our Moms are human and we learn we can’t blame her for all our neurosis anymore than we can blame our Dads! As we age we see them age so much faster that we ever thought possible and it is a little scary. There is an almost mystical bond between mother and child that unless such a bond has been corrupted by some evil there is none that can compare wit it.
My Mom said that I cried for two years after she gave birth to me out of unmitigated stubbornness and that when she was in labour the “old country doctor” told her “this one is going to be a rounder”! She has said many times that I have lived up to and exceed that prophecy! So for all us rounders out there we just want to say to Moms in general “thank you Mom for all you have done. If anyone deserves heaven it is you! You gave us life and you gave us love why we need anything else!”

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