the hoped for dissapearance

I think that religion particularly religion as a political force along with the nation state must disappear if the world is going to continue to exist. Religion which is fundamentally different from faith has sanctioned unbridled capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, nationalism and ideologies that have raped the earth and humankind repeatedly. Religion whether it is the worship of some kind of tribal god or goddess whose vengeful nature is clearly shown by barbaric laws and punishments for failure to follow them, or whether it is the worship of the state that has equally barbaric prohibitions on legitimate human relationships and behaviors, and or the worship of science that refuses to acknowledge any moral standard whatsoever and engages in the most inhumane experimentation imaginable must become a reality of the past and a causality of evolutionary development. The religions of this world have much to answer for and the judgement of history is that they have been found wanting. Religion specifically that endorses executions of people whose only “crime” is to be of a different sexual orientation should have no respect shown it whatsoever.
Faith which is at its core its very foundational core is relationship and one which is lived out in love must continue and will do so. Faith is a way of life that honours all Creation and the All Loving One who calls us and the very cosmos from whence we are made into being.


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  1. The walk of Faith is every so much stronger and more durable than any organized religion ever could be.

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