Arizona and ethnic Pride

To my very dear and loved friends: I saw a PBS documentary last night that ultimately I had to turn away from because I was loosing all semblance of a follower of Christ due to a growing anger at some of those being interviewed! It was about the racists Republican agenda to halt the ethnic studies programme in Arizona schools. To listen to these bigots pervert Dr. King’s words and to invoke the charge of unAmerican, their favorite charge of implied treason and political heresy, and their ultimate charge of “my tax money being used to promote Marxism” was just more than I could take. My paternal great grandmother’s language and culture, Hispanic, was considered so unimportant and unAmerican that ultimately she was left with her maiden name as the only cultural treasure she could pass on to her favorite son, my grandfather. This was in post civil war Reconstruction South Carolina and to listen to those hateful members of the Arizona legislature reflecting that same horribly dehumanizing attitudes and rhetoric was unbelievable. My admiration for the Chicano and Latino teachers who did NOTHING unAmerican quite the contrary soared! You know the Russians have a saying “Marx was wrong about communism but he was entirely right about everything when it comes to capitalism!” and I would add especially about American Republican Tea Party Robber Baron Feudalism they call American Exceptionalism!


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  1. I totally agree with you here, Bishop. I do not believe I could have watched more than about 30 seconds of such a hate-filled documentary, even though I applaud PBS for showing the true nature of this bigots in their own words!

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