Flushing down the toliet

If the comment about Leviticus is offensive I am sorry but I find far more offensive and hate filled the use of this book of the Torah to incite hatred and violence against gay people. One of the first lessons that I learned a long time ago is that no book regardless of how we may regard it, is holy. It is only what is written inside that determines its sacred character. Not only this but I have seen first hand the injury done people becuase a verse from this or that is used to justify exclusion or condemnation and for others to use as a call to do murder in the name of God! If the suggestion of flushing is offensive it is not near so offensive or blasphemous as the actions that often and indeed more often than not come from such passages that right wing xenophobes and homophobes quote with glee. Jesus spared no words towards the Pharisees let alone the money changers in the Temple and the notion that somehow by calling those who grievously hurt folkes in the name of God what they are is offensive, is neither in prophetic tradition nor in the Scriptures themselves! Do I find the notion of slavery offensive yes, do I find Paul telling the slave to return to his owner offensive, yes and I fully understand the historical context of this passage but it is offensive. Do I find the notion of women being denied ministry or even allowed to “speak or teach in the Chruch” because of a Scriptural passage, offensive, yes I do. Part of the reason that young people no longer find the church relevant or see “political correctness” as viable or respects “polite liberalism” is the almost phobia about calling a spade a spade. Just talk to Occupy people and ask them what they think of religion and why they have no regards for it. No, with profound respect, I will not refrain from opposing or condemning passages from anyone’s sacred book that calls for the execution of gay people, or anyone else that is different than the tribe who wrote the book, no matter whose book it is!


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