A new National Campaign

Beloved Friends,

I have sent the following to WNC Pride, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the New Civil Rights Movement and the Christian Left in response to the Kansas preacher who is calling for death for gay folkes.

Contact everyone that you think will listen and tell them that we are launching a national effort to hold accountable in law any preacher who preaches this hatred to this extent “if anyone is harmed and or,God forbid,murdered becuase of the incendiary speech of any person religious or otherwise” we will ask the local authorities to prosecute them as an accessory to injury and or murder”. The First Amendment does not support the legality of such speech. If the local authorities will not prosecute then we will demand the Department of Justice of the Federal government to do so. Next we will inform all clergy of this campaign to hold them accountable for such incendiary and violent speech! I am very serious about this will you join us and help spread the word!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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