Hunger is not cool!

With the removal of places to sit as an increasing reality in American cities and now with a concerted effort to deny the hungry and homeless food via silly regulations about “health and safety concerns” you get some idea of the war now being waged against the poor which is the most disenfranchised segment of American society. After all the poor is an easy scapegoat for the rich and for those others who fear with a decreasing concern with support of the Koch brothers and the Tea Baggers of being accused of racism!

They are trying to do this here becuase the Chamber of Commerce and its friend the City Council thinks feeding the homeless and hungry does not fit into the overall “image” of Asheville as a truly cool and artsy place. Besides it is difficult to have your” Latte Yuppie” with your other over priced items that “truly invest themselves in a discerning palate” as the holy book of foodies would have it when hungry folkes are littering the streets with their unAmerican low class lifestyles!” We all know that image is everything in America!

Little wonder Mother Teresa once said that the US was the most poverty stricken nation on earth and she was not referring to the GNP!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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