Cermaics and sematics

I had a fraternity brother who once remarked with far more wisdom than he realized or understood “it’s all a question of ceramics” meaning of course semantics! The unintended use of the term “ceramics” however is the basis for this accidental wisdom. We are are pieces of the puzzel we call human society and when someone or some thing like religion tries to force a particular configuration of that puzzel it becomes warped. When one colour tries to dominate it becomes dark and foreboding. But when all the pieces are of equal value and given equal respect the configuration becomes a living and evolving dynamic.
Someday religion as a tool of the oppressor and or as the banner of racism and bigotry will have to disappear if this marvelous puzzel is to survive. Faith however is an all together different and it will survive the disappearance of political religion.
I have a simple test, indeed Jesus tells us to “test the spirits” to observe the “fruits”, and the test is this: whatever is loving, whatever is wholesome, whatever is healthy, whatever is mutually respectful and helpful, whatever is inclusive and embracing this you honour and welcome, if it is not you oppose and if need be confront and fight. It matters not the ceramics or the semantics it matters only the love it conveys. God will take care of the rest because Jesus is a VERB not a Noun!


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