One day as we sat on the beach at Nags Head we noticed a circle of people up near Jeanette’s Pear, a local attraction, that seemed to remain motionless for sometime. At first we thought that it was a wedding party or perhaps a organizational exercise for a company but as time would later reveal it was a meeting of a “non denominational church” from Pennsylvania. Now in today’s religious jargon that is double speak for “evangelical” and “evangelical” is double speak for right wing worship of money and nation by a uniquely American counterfeit “christianity”. As the circle divided into groups all carrying a green bag with a host of free goodies the intent became very clear. This was a “witnessing campaign” replete with a slick set of questions designed to throw the unsuspecting heathen into confusion and later under the “guidance” of one of the green baggers into an epiphany that would result in “conversion”. Two of the religious salesmen called the “witnesses” approached me and said “may we ask you some questions”? Sure I replied and the first question asked by the abundantly confidant young man was “have you ever told a lie?” to which I answered in the affirmative. “So what does that make you” he said? A liar said I and with a big smile on his face he asked me if I had ever stolen anything in my entire life. I then stopped him. “I know where this is going I said and I want to tell you that Jesus never used a con to present himself or his Gospel. He never used a gimmick nor should you. I respect your devotion but you cannot serve Christ in this way. Be open and honest about who and what you are and why you are doing what it is you are doing. Respect those disagree with you and never assume anyone is going to hell simply becuase they do not agree with you and your understanding of the truth becuase you are not their judge”. One dropped his head and they both left me in peace.


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