From several Episcopal sources I have heard that privately the Episcopal bishops here and the C of E bishops in the UK are just a wee bit sensitive and a little bit resentful of the “sheep stealing” by the Romans and the Orthodox despite public sentiments and statements to the contrary. There is hostility between the various conservative Anglican groups and ECUSA and except for a few Anglican communities that are independent of the A C that embrace both inclusivity and The Historic Creeds so far I have not found much more info.

ECUSA like all other mainline Protestant denominations has been steadily declining in overall membership and even the so called evangelicals along with the RC have also noted declining rolls. With such decline and despite the claim that ECUSA is the most wealthy Protestant church in the US monies are reflecting this trend. More and more mainline denominations are fighting to retain property becuase property means money.

I do have one other European source that reflects an Anglican ethos that is very small but is developing at least of this date so I will be posting any info I have. I have heard from more folkes than I thought with varying degrees of interest. As a proud Progressive I am encouraged that people who are Progressives are so becuase of the Historic Faith something which maybe the leadership of the more “liberal” churches might want to listen to. One cradle Episcopalian told me that she was very proud of her parish and its inclusivity and that in her parish the Nicene Creed was more than a liturgical artifact! I think this is probably more reflective of her Church that many might think. Jack Spong and the current PB is not representative of the rank and file.

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