Egypt’s new president

One of the sad aspects of political correctness is the censorship however unintended of our opinions and if it is one thing that this country desperately needs is honesty and truth about our history, our revolution, our national policies and international policies, and our racial and ethnic realities. In that spirit I will discharge my mind on a matter of some sensitivity. There is new president in Egypt. He was elected in what appears to be a fair election with over 50% of the vote. A victory for democracy? Not necessarily and the reason is his religion something we don’t like to say if we are politically correct! He has as the Moslem Brotherhood candidate vowed to impose Shira law whilst at the same time insisting that he will be the president of all Egyptians something I am sure the Coptic Christians may find hopeful. But the problem is Shira law like almost all “religious law” regardless of the religion from whence it comes or is enforced by does not allow for the freedoms we hold dear in both Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights! The protection of minority views even the protection of what some religions may call blasphemy is protected and you are not allowed to kill someone or destroy their business becuase of a cartoon. We can only pray Egypt as well as our own country realizes that this is the 21st century and forced religious law is no longer a viable option for a humane society!

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