what you are really celebrating

Tomorrow Americans will actually celebrate that a group of wealthy white men, merchants in the North and Planters in the South got together and decided that a group of wealthy white men in London would no longer tell them what to do with their wealth or how to add to it or if it should be taxed! All the flowery talk about “inalienable rights” from their perspective referred only to wealth property owing white men. Jefferson for example believed that only white property owners should have the right to vote, that slavery was just fine, and that Native Americans were only three quarters human and that women were of course unimportant and unnecessary to any political process! In several of the former colonies African Americans who fought in the Colonial militias were promised not only freedom but suffrage. This lasted less than five years after the Treaty of Paris ended the war in some of those same colonies! The newly established government of the US did not waste too much time in breaking treaties, including the first one signed by the first President George Washington, with sovereign Native Nations and continued that infamous record throughput its history! When the new country was not yet half a century old it invaded a foreign nation and in a war of conquest stole vast areas of the Southwest for its own territory. A civil war was fought over slavery and even after that war was over in less than ten years African Americans were denied voting rights, public accommodation, equal rights and educational opportunities! A country that supposedly freed itself from the yoke of colonialism proceeded to become a colonial power and establish new American colonies against the will of the people who populated them and stole land in order to make a canal to serve its business and military interests. During the Spanish American War which many historians believe American Robber Barons started and even before when the US invaded Mexico people of Spanish and Indian ethnicity were demonized as they are now. During WWII it was people of Japanese decent and Nationality who were the victims! Now these same Robber Barons hire mercenary so called news correspondents (Fox Corp) to defame anyone who believes that health care is a right along with collective bargaining and or any other form of representative democratic action. and on and on and on! So Happy Fourth!


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  1. Yes, we Americans have a lot of fall to our knees and beg God’s forgiveness for, just like His Chosen People, the Nation of Israel, dear Bishop!

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