Episcopalians and property

As a non-Episcopalian who nonetheless has a great admiration for Anglicanism in general if the thinking is that PECUSA is essentially hierarchical in administration and polity would it not also follow that it is inherently a duly constituent church of the Anglican Communion, or to put it another way, can you be Anglican without necessarily being Episcopalian? If so would it not also follow that if a parish or diocese chooses to do so why can it not hold on to the property it possesses at the time of the decision to leave one and cleave to another in so much as said parish or diocese remains Anglican but not Episcopalian?
Regardless of this question, what appears to be the reality to many outside of your church is that it is NOT theology or positions on social issues that are really important to TEC but rather the money the property represents otherwise why not let the dissents depart in peace!

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