Pure Evil

Any time and I do mean any time in the US when a moral argument or even an ideological one goes up against the unholy trinity of the god of mammon, profit, exploitation, and power, that argument whatever it is for or against will lose! Unregulated capitalism is so fundamentally evil that it can defy description. It is based on one of the seven deadly sins and that is greed and it’s continuity is dependent of a lie. Women, children,the immigrant,the Native Peoples the elderly, the sick, the dying all these are on the plate for the gluttony of the marketeer and in the service of the god of profit, exploitation and power. The only real difference between the so called “liberal” and the robber baron is that the former wants more crumbs to fall from the table and the robber baron wants to charge for them!


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  1. I agree that unregulated capitalism is the true evil in 20th Century America–and it sounds like, in the UK!

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