A good rememberance!

On a somewhat lighter note, years ago I baptized a precious little infant whose mom was in a women’s shelter. We had two Episcopal clergy one a presbyter and one a deacon, a Methodist presbyter and two Presbyterian elders. We had the Eucharist in which we all con-celebrated and as I told a Roman Catholic who “unofficially” participated “well my orders cover Catholic polity, the Episcopalian clergy Anglican polity and the Methodist along with the Presbyterians, the Reformed Church polity” and when it came to the blessing of the water I invited all present to join with me in the prayer of the consecration of water used by the Orthodox Church! After the wee lassie was baptized I looked into that precious face and told her “well lass you have been baptized by water blessed in God’s Name by Catholic Anglicans Orthodox and Reformed folkes, you got all the bases covered!” After the service the Eiscopal presbyter said to me “well you preach like a Pentecostal, baptize like an Orthodox, pray like a Methodist and conduct yourself otherwise like a Presbyterian!” to which I replied “I guess it is in my genetic code becuase I am Latino, English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh, raised a progressive Southern Baptist , attended an Episcopal parish in college, ordained in the Eastern Church and hosted by a Presbyterian congregation!”


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