Comments of an op ed by Ross Douthat

First let me say that I am not an admirer of Jack Spong. In my opinion he is not a scholar and only wears the title “bishop” like a theatrical prop. My central issue with him is not his supposedly “new”ideas which are neither new or relevant but the lack of intellectual integrity. If he is as he himself has stated, a Unitarian, then he should resign his office and title, but I guess maybe his considerable pension may influence that decision! Then again perhaps as the author of this op ed seems to be believe he does not have to if a faith community no longer has any central commonly held beliefs. I think that what the article is suggesting is only partially true and must be understood in the context of consumerism and an entire a culture that “moves and has its being” in “the moment” and in whatever is the current domain! If everyone is so spiritually hungry as we think or want to think why do face an ever more money centered ego deification driven culture that respects nothing as sacred and holds no moral authority as absolute other than the self! If the great deficiency in “orthodoxy” is the belief in a “fallen humanity” the great vacuum of “liberalism” is the belief that intellect is salvation!

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