Southern ways

I have a friend who is a “Nawtherner” and one of his criticism of the South and of Southerners is the what he considers the “hypocrisy” of social interaction in the South. What he means is that polite and genteel Southerners do in fact smile and extend a friendly salutation to those whom they in reality actually do not like at all. To him this is hypocrisy but to us it is simply a way to avoid fisticuffs or worse! Certain words are very incendiary in the Southern lexicon and the use of them will more often than not result in a fight. This phenomena as sociologists call it has even been studied by a prestigious Northern university.
However the restraints of manners and culture does not extend to politicians, especially politicians, and anyone else in the public domain and that includes even members of the Second Estate. Here you can express in any manner whatsoever what your opinion may be as to content, purpose, character, and intention of any party or person. This makes the “vanilla ice cream liberals” and other Rebeccas of Sonnybrook Farm very uncomfortable becuase they just don’t get the idea that there are people who simply do not give a Continental damn about them their “story” or peace love and happiness! No amount of kumbaya will change that now now, not no how. to quote the Wizard



  1. Wonderful way to view Southern manners!

  2. Thank you and thank you for all your postings which are invariably spot on!

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