The Reality of America

Last night I heard a pundit say what I have long believed to lie at the root of the so called “tea party” insanity and the whole right wing xenophobia and it is simple and ugly. Statistically the Unites States of America (North) is fast becoming a multi racial nation and culture where white male Protestant work ethic marketeers not only do not reign supreme but are in fact a new minority! They don’t like it and they can’t stop it. These people are the base of the Republican Party. They and the racism they represent is what fuels the Republican Party and they are what defines the Republican Party. So in reality and this is what the Democrats should shout from the rooftops Americans have a choice, a real honest to goodness choice, and one that may well determine what kind of republic we will have. You can vote to retain the white male only narrow flat earth view of the world and of this nation, oppose science and learning, and make religion an oppressive and cruel servant of the state or you can embrace the diversity that is coming one way or the other and the understandings of how our Cosmos works. One is oppression and inequality maintained by violence and determined by the market place and the other is freedom and responsibility made secure by the ever expanding Truth of that Great Symphony we call Life!


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