The election of Cruz

As the Preacher says there is nothing new under the sun and this is very clear when it comes to American politics and the American Republic. The Revolution was essentially a civil war and it was a war that was fought over wealth and who controlled it. Later in 1861 there was a war between the states fought over what a property owner could do with his, emphasize “his”, property which happened to be a human being or if you took the Jeffersonian formula 2 thirds of one anyway. In 2012 the war between the states is in the form again of the control of wealth. Persons like Cruz who reflects a Colonial Spanish view of wealth shared by his “conservative” colleagues believe that the Constitution is an essentially economic document that protects wealth and that the Federal government just like in 1861 cannot interfere in what States do to protect that wealth. Funny thing but before 1865 the US was referred to as “the United States are” and after 1865 it became the “the United States is” but as Cruz and Justice Kennedy who recently all but said he was above the law, and their fellow so called Tea Party partisans believe, it is still “are” when it comes to wealth and anything and anyone that effects it. Or to put it another way it is the same old script the same old stage just a different theater!


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