When I was a student many many years ago at the university I was attending my fist year sociology professor told us that man or if you prefer humankind became a sentient being when he or she fist “symboled” or to put it another way used sounds and later words to describe the world around him or her. Words do have power and they are very revealing of who and what we are both in emotion and intellect. Despite all the Political Correctness to the contrary the use of a word does not necessarily denote meaning or intent or purpose. Not necessarily, but, when words are used to formulate an ideology or a theology or a mythology they do often take on the role of defining said “ology”. This has become particularly true in the world of politics and religion in the United States.
For me personally a religious conservative in the political realm( though this view is shared by conservatives of no religious persuasion) is a person who holds to the belief that wealth is a divine right for those who can grab it and any attempt to compromise that view is anathema. A liberal however says that wealth is but one end of human interaction and it like the power it represents must be regulated. After all a Rabbi whom once said “You cannot serve wealth and God” and he therefore was a Liberal and his name was Jesus.


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