Atomic bomb

It has often been said that the victor writes the final version of history and that in that version the victor is always right and the defeated always wrong. But now it is not so easy to do this. Take today for example. Since the US dropped the atomic bomb and remains the only nation to do so, but not the only nation and or political or religious (al Qaeda ) entity to contemplate doing so, much research into why Japan went to war has been conducted and our hands(the Americans)are not entirely clean in creating the circumstances for the war. But there was not then nor is there now any justification for the horror of what was World War II in the Pacific Theater. Nor were the Europeans guiltless in creating the circumstances that brought an evil madman like Hitler to power in Germany with the resulting Holocaust not only for the Jewish people but for all people who dared oppose him. But regardless of how you tell it, write it or show it, the fact remains we chose to use a weapon of such mass destruction that it began the apocalyptic drive towards ever more destructive weapons of such horror that not even Revelations could portray the evil that are those weapons!
On a much smaller but no less horribly tragic stage yet another mass murder was committed in an America city. No amount of hype or spin can alter the fact that the deranged man who killed innocent people had ready access to lethal weapons in a country that celebrates guns and violence as American as Apple Pie. Could there be a connection between the slaughter in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and those in Columbine or in the theater in Aurora or the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin or Congresswoman Gifford in Arizona?! I think there is. When you constantly put out the message of violence and hate and when you constantly celebrate the devices that kill there is a connection!


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