Hitler’s complete plans

I have been watching the new Ken Burns documentary film of WWII. It is haunting and sad as well as uplifting to watch. One of the veterans that was featured who fought in Europe remember a German POW speaking to him in perfect non accented American English. The POW asked the then soldier where he was from and the then young man told him the Northeastern U S. The POW inquired further as to where and ultimately the American told him he was from Waterbury Connecticut. Then the POW told him all about his city his state and his region. “How he said to the prisoner do you know this?” and the reply took him aback. “Because I was studying to be a part of the administration” came the answer “what! administration” asked the American? “Of the territories” the German POW responded! Hitler already had plans in the making to rule the US as a German “territory”. Incidentally the Nazis also had plans to, once the Jewish populations were totally wiped off the face of the earth to completely and totally eradicate the Christian religion. This was to be followed by the Moslem religion. Such eradication was to be accomplished either by mass executions and or propaganda wars and the religions were to be replaced with worship of the state!

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