A future for the Nuns?

These Sisters do not have a future in a church that is now completely dedicated to a return to the monarchical structure of pre Vatican II! Mark my word the Sisters will ultimately be handed an ultimatum and those reactionary forces in the RC Church will applaud it and see it as a defense of the faith. What do you think the recent appointment of a caustically anti gay archbishop of San Francisco signifies and why do you think he was appointed and what is the symbolism of that appointment? It says in no uncertain terms to the laity, the presbytery, and the sisters that the days of Vatican II are over. The princes of the church have nothing to lose, so they think,and with the mindset that the Pope led by God is cleansing the church of all the tares….and just take a guess who they consider the tares… you have a “Perfect Storm” to eradicate reform! When you believe and teach that you are the “Remnant” all the most balanced dialogue in the world is lost on deaf ears and lost with thanksgiving by those whose ears are shut!


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