A response to an “evangelical”

a response I wrote to some “evangelicals” about Romney and Jenna Jamison.

“@Carolyn & Heather, Mitt Romney is not a Christian he is a Mormon and he like all the other Republicans worship the god of mammon. In his mythology wealth can and should be served, in the New Testament Jesus says you cannot serve wealth and God! Romney believes like all the Republicans that women should be second class citizens and that if you are sick and cannot afford care you die, Jesus says that as you do it unto the least of these my you do it unto me! Lastly which is more offensive words or actions, If anyone gains money in exchange for sex whether it is on a 5th Avenue couch or in a back alley or on a casting couch it is prostitution I wont use the word most people use. The difference between a hustler and a prostitute and business man or woman is the latter carries a briefcase the former do not BUT at least in the case of the former you know that you are going to get s—-d!”


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