Republicans and “evangelicals”

The Republicans have long understood unlike their Liberal and Progressive counterparts that people respond to hype and spin far more than to intellectual high tea. Remember the famous photo of that supporter of Pinochet we call Ronald Regan having a beer with some hard hats. It was staged and everyone knew it was staged but yet it won him great support amongst blue collar workers despite the fact he was completely anti-Union and anti-Labour! When you have a religion largely produced in the US called “evangelical Christianity” that believes that God is white blue eyed and blond head and speaks with either a Southern accent or a Midwestern one and that this god believes in” the American way”, you have a ready pool of zealots who will carry the Bible wrapped in an American flag. Recently a media specialist admitted that when networks show videos from Syria they try and find blue eyed Syrians because they think Americans look at them and say “wow they do sorta of look like us” and pay more attention, while if they show even children that are brown eyed and dark skinned, European as in White conservative Americans turn away from the video! The history of American Protestantism is a pretty sorry history though it may not match the Roman Catholic in colonial Latin America it is still pretty sorry. With the advent of fundamentalism, read Literalism and the complete deception in the use of the word “evangelical” not to mention Christian, and you see why the Republican servants of Baal called “Evangelical Americans”


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  1. Let us seek God in His Creation, not this politico horror we have created!

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