In response to a good friend’s request for civility

I agree with everything you said in this blog but here my good friend is the dilemma. Only a short time ago a Republican state legislator posted a call for the execution of gay folke and refuses to apologize for it. Paul Ryan was head by a number of people making jokes about a 71year old man being slammed to the floor by the police becuase he dared to disagree with the Congressman. The Republican Speaker of the Iowa House prayed for the death of the President and his family from the Speaker’s podium. Women legislators who dare to question defunding of Planned Parenthood were called “whores” and told to “shut up!” by the President Pro Tim of a state legislature! Forgive me but I cannot be “civil” in the face of this kind of evil and pretend that it is only ideological differences that separate us. I am by no means Jesus but he certainly was not “civil” to the Pharisee and Scribes nor was he apologetic for his words. So what do you do? Just be very polite to these people and hope that they will see the Light? That was tried in Germany and we all know what happened there!

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