A “married” Jesus?

The recent “Great American evangelical Chicken Orgy” in “defense” of “traditional Biblical marriage”, actually it was a much later notion of marriage they were supposedly defending, brought up the much touted fantasy that Jesus was married and the disciples in one of the most successful, well planned and efficiently executed conspiracy’s in all of human history covered up the marriage! It is the stuff that Hollywood is made of and longs for not to mentioned those who would not know a verse of Scripture from a proverb of Poor Richard.
Some suggest Jesus was in love with not just loved John Mark which sorta blows the fiction of him being married to Mary Magdalene! the radical feminists who prefer not to call Jesus,Jesus, since that identifies him as a him,( talk about your tempest in a tea pot! not to mention being really sexist), prefer Immanuela,. In fact at one time, may still can, one of the Episcopal seminaries carried a crucifix of a Jesus with large boobs (I am not even going there) which assuredly would not lend itself to the marriage idea.
Additionally Dan Brown or no there were a lot of nobles and politicians who loved to promote the idea of a married Jesus becuase which holy roman emperor or your local chief tan or king could compete with that supposed “lineage”!


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  1. What a hoot of a collection of historical trivia! Love your ability to step back and gain perspective on all this gender and “union” stuff!

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