The President’s first great mistake

The first and greatest mistake President Obama made when he took office was to ac believe the Republicans would 1, work with with him and 2, that they actually cared about the welfare of this Republic. Republicans do not believe in “inalienable rights” as outlined in the Declaration and specified in the Bill of Rights becuase in their view of this country the only people who have “rights” are the wealthy and the wealthy have rights becuase of their wealth. As Ryan and Atkins and those in the Tea Party have made repeatedly clear government exist only to protect property and capital nothing else. For them property can be women as well as minorities. Religion’s role is solely for the purpose of “blessing” wealth in the name of a god who blesses only the wealthy for if you are poor you are unworthy. It is simple: either you believe in a humane society where everyone is equal and the playing field is level and fair and where all are cared for regardless of station or you do not. Either you believe in the common good and the concept of to whom much is given much is required or you do not.

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