A Prince? of the Church and the Republicans

When it comes to praying at political conventions of either party but especially the party of wealth or mammon as the Bible would describe it I tend to think as the old “Pentecostal” saying would have it “gets no higher than the ceiling!” In this case it may not ascend further than the speakers platform. But be that as it may if you contrast the two examples cited what could be more of a study in contradictions. On the one had you have a lay person who is a woman and who is barred from Holy Orders speaking for and to everyone Jesus mentions in the Beatitudes and the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats and on the other hand you have a potentate called a prince, a servant of a foreign power, an absolute monarchy and a city state that has supported those who raped children. Now this same prince would lend his “blessings” to a man whose favorite human is an avoid atheist who despised the poor and the elderly! Why in the Name of Heaven would anyone wonder why the Roman Church has lost any moral authority or credibility except for those who support the abuse of people and power.


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