The Real Why

People wonder why “the church” is an ever increasingly irrelevant institution especially amongst people under 35. The basic reason is “the church” makes no difference in the life of the culture in which they live. Every time “the church” has had the opportunity to put its collective butt on the line for change it has failed and it failing now. So young people who tend to be inspired by moral courage and for standing for something see an out of date cowardly institution that sits on the sidelines and does not commit its resources treasures or time to stand up against bigotry, gun violence, homophobia and or the oppression of women, minorities, or the destruction of the Creation itself by consumerism and the market place! They do see those who support every form of medievalism and ignorance in the name of the Bible and God however committed to those ends more than willing to get off their collective ass and raise millions of dollars and wage media wars against the values of inclusion, equality, science and education. It is worth noting it is not just young people who feel this way many of us of my generation feel the same irrelevance and impotence of “the church”!


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