Labour Day

Cal Coolidge once said that “the business of America is business” and his disciple Herbert Hoover believed this so profoundly that he was willing to allow the Great Depression to take this country to the brink of armed revolution and opposed every measure of the New Deal. One ideologue said to me that Hoover and his predecessor was absolutely correct and that Hoover should have been re-elected, and he went on, had that happen we would have had a very different country. I said that I agreed with him that indeed we would have had a very different country but not the one he was thinking about. “What do you mean?” he responded. “Well, I replied, to begin with we would have a constitutional socialist government bought at the price of insurrection and an economy that serves the common good not the gluttony of Wall Street. We would have universal health care and education from kindergarten to college. We would have a cleaner environment and we would have equality for all” He was incredulous and asked very sarcastically “how do you figure that?” “Because I responded had Hoover won there would have been a revolution and the robber barons of Wall Street and the Privileged Few would have known the anger of the masses just like the nobility of France did in their Revolution! This my good man is what you modern day right wing Republicans are afraid of even now. You are afraid it just might happened one day so I if I were you should be grateful to Roosevelt and the Democrats and especially on this Labour Day weekend!”


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