The New Civil War

There is a culture war. It is as vicious and as divisive as any Civil War and in some ways it is a civil war without canons and regiments. It requires that people take a stance however uncomfortable that may make them. In present day America it is a war that has many fronts in many places. There are essentially two adversaries. On one side you have those who believe that America belongs only to the descendants of the European American colonists who invaded sovereign peoples and stole by force and deception the land these people held in common. In this subjugation of what these Euro-Americans called “the New World” came the institution of slavery, wholesale genocide, military conquest and the intolerance towards and for anything and anyone that did not conform to a doctrine of manifest destiny whereby peoples of colour, persons of non male gender and persons whose natural orientation is same gender, and people who do not hold to a heterodoxy masquerading as religious practice and thought are always second class citizens. For this side wealth is a divine right and either you are so “elected” to be wealthy or you are not!
On the other side is the belief in the Common Good and in the inherent responsibility of the individual to the community and world yes even the very creation from which we derive our very existence. The Common Good does not recognize the supremacy of profit over person or capital over creation but rather values people, the environment and inclusion as an absolute necessity and Truth. Economic justice is seen as indistinguishable from social, legal, and Constitutional justice. It is these two diametrically opposing beliefs that has demanded this civil war to be waged.


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