God’s voice

On this side of the Pond we have a frightfully right wing fanatical “university” called “Bob Jones University” in Greenville S C. According to local legend and lore the founder who was as “evangelical” as they come was able to buy up enough land to build his “university”. There was however a piece of land and a lovely antebellum home that he was unable to purchase becuase the owner who was a liberal, a Democrat and an Episcopalian resolutely refused to sale her property, house included, to this right wing nutter. She was a Southern Lady in the best tradition of that term and no matter how many times the founder who was of course named Bob Jones came to her home to court her good graces she politely refused his requests to sale him the house and land. She had children but none wanted the rambling house and old Bob knew that. One day he invited her to dinner, that is lunch to Yankees, and told her “Ms Mary Catherine God told me this morning that you should and would sale your house to me and knowing that you are a God fearing woman I know you will obey the Lord’s voice” Ms Mary Catherine smiled ever so graciously and said “well you know that is truly odd becuase I spoke to Him this morning and in a clear and unmistakable voice told me “do not sale this house to Bob Jones under any circumstances!” and being as you say A God fearing woman I will obey that directive” Bob Jones never got the house or the land!
I never trust anyone who says “god told me” but I can respect those who say “as I perceive the will of God or as I understand his voice”. What passes for the utterance of the Holy Spirit is far more often the mouthing of the not so holy ego.


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