Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is the only politician in the world who could make vinegar taste like sugar as you drank it at least that is what Senator Bob Dole supposedly once observed! The one thing that Bill understands in the marrow of his bones is how to metaphorically at least “rejoice when the brethren rejoice and weep when the brethren weep”. His only serious flaw as President was his inability to keep his zipper zipped in the Oval Office and his arrogance that a legal semantic rationalization was all he needed to do absolve him of responsibility to his wife and party. But we all got our faults and some of them nature as we age removes as a viable option for bad behavior! I will take an over hormone driven statesmen or stateswomen any day over a self righteous nut case who makes life miserable for us all except for those wealthy enough to be immune to his or her “moral”, national, religious, or profit driven crusades.


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