Murder in Libya

Today or yesterday evening the American ambassador was killed in Libya along with at least three others members of the Consulate staff. An angry mob who claimed to be furious at an independent film that was purported to have been made in the US and for the 9/11 Remembrances, which was not true, that portrayed Mohammed in a less than flattering way stormed the Consulate and proceeded to kill the Ambassador and members of the staff for this supposed “blasphemy”. This is the 21s century and if this planet is to survive and if freedom of expression is to survive even what some may consider “blasphemy” must survive. I don’t care what your religion is nor do I care what your holy person and or holy book is called or named nothing and I do mean nothing justifies cold blooded murder in the name of God! You want blasphemy killing someone even someone who insults your religion or your god is blasphemy! I know it is not politically correct to say but Islam and its radical counterparts in the Christian religion as well as the Jewish religion is going to have come to some accommodation with the idea of secular yes I did say secular representative democracy. You do not have the right to burn down newspapers, threaten death to artists and reporters, and otherwise wreak havoc becuase your religious sensibilities have been stepped on or perceived to have been stepped on! When imams or preachers popes and potentates do not condemn such evil as what we have seen in Libya and in Syria where little children have been tortured and murdered it is a disgrace and a sin against God!


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  1. Right on, Bishop-Brother! Amen and namaste!

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